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My New Camera.

Just a quick one! I’ve bought a new camera and I’m SO EXCITED about it! I’ve wanted one for a while, since I started University actually but I never got round to looking into to it and getting one. But now I have finally done it! Say hello to my NEW CANON 750d..


I made the decision to finally invest in a camera because I really want to get into photography and also continue with the filming I did at University. I love taking photos so I thought it would be nice to turn it into more of a hobby and learn how to take photographs properly. I’m looking into doing courses too, which is looking promising. It also gives me a reason to visit lots of new places too, to explore my new skills. I’m so excited!

After lots of research, I decided on the Canon 750d after as it seemed to be a very high spec camera that is easy to use, for beginners like me. I did look into Nikons and Sonys too  but after reading lots of reviews, overall the canon family of cameras came out on top.

It does also allow me to share some great pictures on my blog too which is another positive to my new purchase 😁 I’ll keep you posted with how I get on with my new toy!

Take care,
Emily Jane

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