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Sheffield Steelers.

My little sister went to her University Ice Hockey Varsity last week and it reminded me of my first experience watching the Sheffield Steelers a couple of weeks ago. We had got free tickets from my mums work, so me and my dad took advance of it and spent the night at the Sheffield Arena. It was the first time either of us had been to watch an Ice Hockey match and it was so much fun! The atmosphere was amazing, it was a really great way to spend a Saturday night. The Sheffield Steelers won 4-2 aswell which was even better!

We manage to pick up the rules of the game pretty quickly. I couldn’t believe how fast paced it was. The players swap around so often! It was clear who the better players were as when they were losing, the same set of players came back on, and every time they seemed to win back the game. The rivalry between the teams was also very strong. Quite aggressive towards each other actually, resulting in many penalties, mainly due to confrontations between players. I found it crazy that they were sent to the ‘Sin Bin’ for 1 minute and the rest of the team had to manage with 4 players. This really did make an effect on the game every time someone was sent off. And that was it really, there weren’t many other rules we don’t think! Just certain penalties which we didn’t really understand, we just saw members of each team being sent to the sin bin ever so often! Ha! Common sense really, the aim of the game was to score as many goals as you can.

The atmosphere in the arena was fantastic. There was special songs and dancers that everyone seemed to know. They must play the same songs every time! It was lovely, a real community of people, all supporting the same team. When the Steelers scored they played a certain little song that went ‘awooshh awooshh awooshh, it’s behind you’ and everyone did the action of swaying to the side with their arms. It was great joining in with all this, me and my dad felt like part of the family, even if it was just for one night!

It really was a fun and fantastic experience and is something I would definitely like to do again. I can see that it would be a great night with some friends, having a drink and generally joining in all the fun and games. I would recommend getting to an Ice Hockey match if you can, I can tell you that it will definitely not disappoint!

Have you been to an ice hockey match? Was it what you expected?
Let me know about your experiences,
Emily Jane

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