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Important Items to Take on my Hols.

I have four very important items that I always take with me when I go on holiday. I see them to be essential holiday items that I would not like to go without if I went away. I thought I would share them with you and it also gave me a reason to try out abit more photography!


*Not a bad picture to say it was taken on my phone!

1. My Camera.
I haven’t had this camera for long but I have always taken some sort of camera with me on my holidays. I feel that the week/s your away seem to go so fast that you end up forgetting all of what you have done. By taking as many pictures as you can you can relive the amazing experiences you have over and over again. I absolutely love photographs, they capture the special moments and keep a solid image of the experiences which sometimes your mind forgets. We can’t remember every small detail, but a picture can! I would definitely not leave to go on holiday without my camera! So much more now that I have a proper camera and I am getting into my photography. I love looking back at my photos from my trips ever so often.


2. My Sunglasses
People will say that it’s inevitable that anyone would take their sunglasses on holiday but to me they are an essential part of my packing! I never have my sunglasses off. They stay with from the minute I step of the plane right up until I land back home again. I have very sensitive eyes that just seem to run constantly so the sunglasses do help with that when I am in hot climates. Sometimes though, they do become a bit of a problem. With having them on all the time, I do tend to always go home with nice big white patches on my face where my glasses have sat the entire holiday! But, I still wouldn’t go on holiday without them.


3. A Good Book
I will be the first to say that I am not really a reader. I wouldn’t choose the pick up a book on a daily basis when I am at home but I can never put one down when I am on holiday. The book I have been reading this year is brilliant! A really good easy read for me too. I have actually been excited to spend time reading it. I think this book may have just made me want to read more often. I want to read all Carole Matthews books, I know that my mum has the whole collection! I will be reviewing the book on here soon, I 100% recommend it!


4. High Factor Suncream
Again this is something that is obvious that you would take on holiday but it is very important to me. I have the worst skin ever! It’s so sensitive, I am allergic to almost every skin product, and I really have to be careful in the sun because I get little bits of skin pigment when I get a dark tan. I used to go a really lovely colour when I was younger but since I was about 16 I have had problems with my skin whilst on holiday. To try and prevent it from happening and to try and not let it ruin my holiday, I use a very high factor Suncream for the whole of my stay. I try to protect my skin completely as I know how bad it can get. It’s not always brilliant as I don’t go home with a brilliant tan, but I would much rather be more comfortable with how I look and look after my skin, rather than burn it and be unhappy.

I know this isn’t a massive post but I thought I would just share my most important holiday items, as they are important to me. What are yours? What do you have to take with you when you go on your jollys?

It’s not been very sunny in Cyprus this morning so I have had time to blog as I’ve been stuck inside. I travel home later on today which I am really sad about as I have loved being here but I am excited to get home and see my family. I really can’t wait to share with you what I have been up to while I have been here ☺️

Take care, speak soon
Emily Jane

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