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The 5 Best things about Cyprus.

CYPRUS, especially Paphos, is a very special place. It has a lot to offer as a holiday destination and as somewhere to live too. You may think I’m bias because my Auntie lives there but I’m not, I generally think it is a great place. I thought I would share with you my top 5 things about Cyprus, just to give a little insight into what it has to offer..

1. The FOOD
The food is out of this world! There are so many Cypriot dishes that I haven’t even tried yet but everything I have tried has been fantastic. They have their own unique dishes that are only seen in Cyprus and I really do recommend trying as many as you can, if you may go. My personal favourite has to be their Hallumi cheese, I know it is something you can get in England but it just seems to be completely different when you are in Cyprus, they must cook it in a different way as it tastes 100% more delicious than when I try to cook it back home. I ate it nearly everyday whilst I was there, I really miss it!

The Cypriot history is so fascinating. There are plenty of places you can visit to learn all about the the past life in Cyprus. I visited many ruins which had some of the grandest rooms and mosaics I have ever seen! I found it so interesting learning all about how it used to be and trying to imagine how they used to live.

3. The SUN
It is always hot in Cyprus, even in the winter months I personally think! In the summer it can become unbearably hot but it does lighten up your mood and allows you to get the best tan! Temperatures can get up to 40 degrees in the summer, I’m sure it’s a different sun out there, but it’s great!

4. The VIEWS
As Paphos is on the edge of the Island you can almost always see the sea from where you are. There’s fantastic scenery everywhere you look and the most outstanding sunsets!

5. LOTS to see and do
Paphos especially has so much to offer to anyone visiting the island. It has all the different sites that talk about the Greek gods and myths, such as aphodites Rock and Adonis baths, you can visit the zoo and see so many different animals, you can go to a water park, see lots of shows, visit ruins from the past, watch turtles being born on the beach and so much more. There is so much to do in Paphos, you will never have a dull day!

They are just a few things that Cyprus has to offer, but I’d say they all make me want to go back! Have you been to Paphos recently? Did you visit any of the special places Paphos has to offer? Let me know below if you have!

Keep checking back for more about my adventure to Cyprus 🙂

Take care,
Emily Jane

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