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My Photography Link.

I just wanted to let you know that I have recently added a new page to my blog which displays some of my photography. This is a new hobby of mine and I just wanted somewhere to showcase my pictures, so here it is! A new page simply for my photos, why not check them out: It’s under ‘My Photography on the top menu bar. Obviously I am still learning, so don’t be too harsh, but I would love some feedback and maybe some pointers into making my photos better. I’m always wanting to learn more and improve as much as I can.

There aren’t many photos up at the moment because I haven’t really had the time to concentrate on my new found love for photography! I’m hoping that over the summer I will be able to build up more of a portfolio. I plan to visit new places to try and capture some special photographs. All my photos have only been edited with a simple programme that came with my computer, so if anyone has any websites or software they recommend using to edit pictures, I would love to know. Preferably, cheap ones too! I hope you enjoy the pictures I have up to now..

Emily Jane

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