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A Day at the Farm.

A couple of weeks ago now I spend the afternoon at my friends farm where she keeps her horse, Saint. He is an absolutely beautiful horse although he really didn’t want his picture taken ha! I did manage to get some good ones in the end though. I’m pretty happy with these few..

What do you think? Any help or advice on my photos would be very much appreciated! I understand hat taking pictures of animals can be very challenging but I personally do love doing it; they make great photos! We also had Sadie with us, my friends dog. Just look how cute she is; She was as boisterous and lively as ever but completely adorable!

I’ve always wanted to get into horse riding but never really got round to it. I was having a chat with my friend and I may have been persuaded to give it a go! I’m not too sure if I can handle the dirt and smell all the time though haha!

Only a quick post this evening and not a very exciting one, I just wanted to share my pictures and get some feedback really 🙂

Bye for now,

Emily Jane,


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