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My Cyprus Trip!

As you will know from my previous post, I went to Cyprus for a week last week, and I had a fantastic time! To say I had not organised anything and booked it two days before I went, I did manage to see and experience a lot of different places on the island.

I experienced some fantastic places and events during my time in Cyprus and I really want to share them with you. I’m going to do separate posts for the more special events but I thought I would just post about my trip on a whole. I stayed with My auntie as she lives out there so it was great that I could spend some time with her. She has a really lovely house with its own pool and the most outstanding views. Here’s a view from the balcony. I didn’t get one of the other side, of the sea unfortunately!


I spent half of my days sat sunbathing around the pool whilst my auntie was at work which was great! I just loved lazing about doing what I wanted, reading a book with a cold drink in my hand. Can you think of anything more perfect than that?! Absolutely no care in the world!

When my auntie got home or was off we tried to make of the most of our time together and visited different places around Cyprus. We went down to the harbour a couple of times and walked along all the shops and stopped in various restaurants to eat the most gorgeous food!

One of the days we went to visit some Roman ruins, a farmer had found in his fields. We saw some great mosaics, with such amazing detail! Check one out below..


It was also the Cypriots Easter whilst I was out there so it was great to see what they did around that time. They go big for Easter, it’s a massive religious celebration for them. They had little statues of eggs and chickens everywhere decorating the town and everything! But I’ll go into more detail of their celebrations in another post.

We visited the Zoo aswell. I actually got to see a real life elephant!! I got some great photos, which I’ll share with you soon. Coral bay beach was beautiful, a really beautiful place with outstanding views. We visited a derelict boat along the beach too, it was huge. And legend says that people still live aboard, to keep it as their own! Check it out below..


We had a lovely trip on a glass bottom boat too, we saw lots of different fish, a ship wreck and some sea sponges. It was another great experience and a lovely trip around the sea coast in the fresh air. A highlight of my trip had to be the last night when we went to see Steve Welsh, check out his Facebook ‘Steve Welsh Cyprus’. He was absolutely fantastic! He did a very exciting number at the end, to gangnam style in a thong! He was dancing all down the street outside the bar too! Let’s just say he had everyone up on there feet, laughing and dancing along. He was brilliant!

I really did have a great week in Cyprus and I’m so happy I decided to go last minute. I was so lucky to visit and do so many different things too. Cyprus really does have a lot to offer and I didn’t even see half of it! I will definitely be going again sometime soon.
I’m looking forward to sharing some of my experiences in detail with you very soon!

Keep checking back to read more about my adventure.

Take care
Emily Jane

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