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Food & Drink Festival.

Over all the bank holiday weekend there was a Food & Drink festival on in the Sheffield town centre. I went with my sister, three of my cousins and my auntie. It was a really lovely day out, with lots to do and so many different types of food to enjoy! All the little stalls placed around the peace gardens were so cute, it felt like a very posh market, with all the facey huts and stalls.

I would say that there were a lot more food stalls than drink ones, and all the drink ones were alcoholic!  I would have loved to have tried lots of different fruit juices myself. I mean what is the best thing about going to a food and drink festival?! It’s trying all the samples right? Haha! It definitely is in my opinion, it’s the best bit of the whole day! There were stalls of cheese, bread, cakes, chocolate, sweets, chutney, cupcakes, noodles, burgers, burritos and so much more!

We had a walk round all the stalls, like I said, trying all the samples and then we decided on our favourite food we wanted for dinner and sat in the gorgeous peace gardens on the grass to enjoy it. I had a burrito which I wasn’t really keen on to be honest, I wish I had gone for the home made pizza! The atmosphere in the peace gardens was great, so many families out together laughing and playing around the gardens, it was really lovely to see.  After dinner me and my sister went on the Sheffield Swing that is said to be on of the tallest in the country. It was great fun, check it out below..


It took me and my sister ages to decide on what we wanted to buy, we really could have bought everything, but it would have cost a fortune! In the end we decided on a huge loaf of bread, some cheese, some sweets, some cupcakes and a caramel slice each. (I know a lot! Ha) They were all like heaven! So much different to what you would buy in the shops too, which is really weird! The cupcakes were my personal favourite..


I couldn’t get many pictures from the day as it was very busy but I did get a few. It really was a great day out. The only thing I would say, is that all the food is quite expensive and you could end up spending a fortune throughout the day, but if you be sensible and manage your money, it really is a great day out. I would recommend going to one near you, I’m sure they will be popping up all over the place over the summer.

Have you been to a food festival recently? What did you buy and what was your favourite food on offer? Let me know below.

Take care,
Emily Jane

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