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Night at the Dogs.

Hey. I’ve been trying to do new things lately, experience different things, understand how certain things work and general get out there and enjoy life more. Spontaneously, last Friday night I went to the ‘Owlerton Stadium’ in Sheffield which for those that don’t know is the greyhound dog races. It was a really great night, I highly recommend going!

We paid £15 each for entry and to go into the restaurant and have a three course meal! There was a lot of choice on the menu but I went for the Prawn Cocktail for starters, Lamb with veg and potatoes, with the most gorgeous red wine sauce for main and then a raspberry cheesecake for dessert. It was really lovely, and for only £15, a great meal for so cheap!

I’m not a very lucky person generally but I did actually win two of the races! I’m not a huge gambler either, I like to be sensible and only bet a tiny amount on each race. I know the whole point of going to the races is to bet on the dogs but to be honest I just went for the night out. I could see that a lot of people were only there to enjoy the gorgeous food, atmosphere and a few drinks with friends. A lot of people would be put off as they think you have to place a bet, but don’t be, you don’t have too. Just go to enjoy a night out in a different location, and who knows you may fancy a little bet when your there and end up coming home a winner!

Check out their website; They always have plenty of fantastic offers available and I can promise you a great and different night out! Give it a try!

Emily Jane

*image is not my own.

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