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BLOGMAS #1: Why Christmas is the most Wonderful time of the Year.

So it’s December 1st, I can’t quite believe it! But YAY!! It’s finally the countdown to Christmas, my absolute favourite time of year. I’ve decided I’m going to jump on the bandwagon this year and get involved in ‘BLOGMAS’. I’m still new to blogging so I’m trying my hardest to stick to the seasonal trends! So I will be blogging everyday for the next 24 days 🙂 I am so excited to be involved for the first time ever!

Do you have your trees up yet? I’ve got half of my decorations up and hoping to finish off the tree this evening, they have to be up by the end of the 1st, it’s tradition! I’ve had the Christmas songs blaring out all afternoon and I’ve just finished watching ‘The Holiday’, which I do every single year on the first.. I am so so excited and I’m actually feeling so much happier today, the Christmas spirit must have hit me already 😁

On to my Day 1 of BLOGMAS; ’12 reasons why Christmas is the most wonderful time of year!’

Family and Friends 

Christmas is the time for family fun, and it doesn’t change no matter how old you are. From the fights over board games to the many different big family get togethers, family is just what Christmas is about. It’s also a time where you meet with long distance friends to spread the Christmas cheer too!

Friendly People

Everyone seems to be so much happier around Christmas time, everyone’s always so merry and excited for the Christmas holidays. Everyone gets into the Christmas spirit and it’s so lovely to see everyone getting along.

The Decorations 

No matter what colour, design or how many twinkly lights you have, every single house looks beautiful at Christmas time. Baubles, lights, ornaments, glitter, tinsels, it’s all amazing! I just LOVE it! All decorations are stunning and really make a room look so different. I love decorating the house with my family each year, reminiscing about all the different ornaments.

The Food

Theres no escaping food during the festive season. Everyone always manages to eat their body weight in food around Christmas. We have the the gorgeous Christmas dinner to look forward to and not to mention the crazy amount of chocolate that’s consumed too, ummmm!

The Songs

 I love Christmas songs, I have them on repeat throughout the whole of December. They are so jolly and happy so they are bound to brighten everybody’s mood.

The Films

All Christmas films are so cute. I love snuggling up to watch one in December with my favourite blanket and a hot chocolate. I’ve got to say my favourite is ‘The Holiday’ but I do love nearly all of them. Another favourite is ‘Christmas with the Kranks’ in our house.

The Parties

Who doesn’t look forward to the party season?! Getting all dressed up for a well deserved night out with work colleagues is what we all look forward to. Loud music, a bit to drink and lots of dancing, the perfect festive night out.

The Markets 

I try and visit as many Christmas markets as I can in December. I love the feel of a Christmas market, it feels so much different to an ordinary market, don’t you think? The gorgeous food and the little unique stalls in the Christmas huts are great for a days browsing.

The Lights

All houses look so pretty at Christmas time, I love seeing how everyone has decorated them. It’s amazing how everyone’s is so different too! I love the late night drives looking at the many light shows and decorations.

Advent Calendars.

They provide you with a chocolate treat every single day leading up to Christmas, what more do you want?!


Its that time of year where shopping becomes ‘the thing to do’. You can spend money because you need to spend money ha! I really enjoy planning what I want to get for everyone and going to them and then wrapping them up is even better. Although the shops are heaving this time of year, I do love the many trips to get everything you need. It’s the time to give and receive which is great! 😁


Saved the best until last! I bet everyone will agree that this is one of the best things about the Christmas season. Having time off to do whatever you want, have a good lie in, spend time with family and friends or simple just relax and enjoy what Christmas brings. This is by far the best feeling ever!

These are the top 12 things I think make Christmas the most wonderful time of year as I LOVE every single one of them! But what do you think is the best thing about Christmas? I’d love to know, let me know below. Also if you have any ideas for my BLOGMAS posts, I would really welcome them too ☺️

Happy decorating!

Emily Jane. xo

*image is NOT my own- Google images. (Don’t have any of my decorations yet)

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