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BLOGMAS #7: Letter to Santa.

I’m so incredibly sorry I didn’t get this post out on time!! I thought I had scheduled it to post at 6:00 last night but unfortunately it didn’t work! It was my Christmas Party last night so I didn’t have the time to check if it had posted and hadn’t checked until now. Feeling very disappointed with myself as I was trying so hard to make sure I posted everyday!! Oh well today’s another day and I can still try to produce posts each day for the rest of the month.. Can you believe how much busier this month is?! I literally have not stopped this week!

It’s Day 7 already, the days are flying by! I wanted to do a short post to share what I hoped for this Christmas. I told myself I wouldn’t do this one with being a little too old for it, but I couldn’t resist as I have read some really cute ones, so here goes.

Dear Santa, 

I think I have been a pretty good girl this year, especially with everything I have been faced with. I really do love this time of year and I’m sure you do too, although I know you will be particularly busy! I’m feeling fabulous at the moment with so much to look forward to this month with family and friends so there are only three things I hope for this Christmas that I really hope you can help me with.

1. I would love for all my family and friends to have the best Christmas. For them to be happy in what they are doing and enjoying themselves too. Health & happiness are the most important things. 

2. A White Christmas: I know this one might be hard but I’m sure you’ll try your best. I’d love to wake up to snow on Christmas Day.

3. Unlimited amounts of Chocolate: I don’t mind which, I’m not too fussy. 😍

I hope you can help me with these three little treats this Christmas. Gifts are always brilliant too, but I just love giving! I’m so excited to hand out all my presents this year, although I am very behind on Christmas shopping at the moment! So a little help thinking of what to get everyone would be very much appreciated too. I hope this year runs really smoothly for you and your back to relaxing and enjoying yourself in the North Pole very soon.

Love Emily Jane


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