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BLOGMAS #15: Vanilla Hot Chocolate

I have had the busiest week ever and I’ve loved it!! My final Christmas party of the year Friday night finished it off perfectly too! I love being busy but it hasn’t left me the time to get the last few days of blogs in which I’m really sorry for, but here they are now! (I will still post one for every day that I’ve missed! I made a promise to myself that I will keep!)
Just a short one to share with you for day 15! I want to show you the delightful vanilla hot chocolate recipe I have come to love! I can assure it will make the best hot chocolate you have ever tasted.

What you need

– Instant hot chocolate

– Milk

– Vanilla Syrup

– Squirty Cream



1. In my personal opinion its best to use a normal supermarket own brand Instant Hot Chocolate as they always taste better. The fancy special hot chocolates such as galaxy or malteaser, never taste as good in my opinion. Start by putting two heaped teaspoons into a jug that is suitable for the microwave.

2. Add Semi-Skimmed milk to the hot chocolate gradually, mixing it in well, making sure all the chocolate is being absorbed. Make sure not to add too much milk, stop when you feel lumps appearing within the mixture. (It’s hard to give a measurement here as it depends on the type of hot chocolate you have)

3. Add one level tea spoon of sugar.

4. Put it in the microwave for 2 minutes, make sure you keep an eye on it, just in case it pops!

5. Get it out, give it another stir and put it back in the microwave for a further minute.

6. Stir well to mix in the top layer which will form in the microwave before pouring it into your mug.

7. Add half a teaspoon of vanilla syrup once the hot chocolate is in the mug. If you add this before the hot chocolate will go extremely lumpy!

8. Squirt on your cream and add the marshmallows and enjoy!
Eight extremely simple steps to make the perfect hot chocolate, most people make hot chocolate with hot water but I can tell you making it completely out of milk is so so much better. Give it a go! 

10 days to go..

Emily Jane xo


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