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BLOGMAS #16: New Year Ideas.

With New Year’s Eve being only 2 weeks away I thought it would be great to share some ideas, for those of you, like me who have left it until the last minute to get something planned! I do it every single year! I say I will book or plan something well in advance and then never get round to it, because ‘there’s always weeks left’. So I’ve got 5 of the best ways I would like to spend my New Years Eve to share with you..

1. Murder Mystery Evening – This is something we did years ago now, when I was quite young so I didn’t actually take part; I was just a waitress for the evening! I have seen so many different packages online this year though. You get a DVD to follow which gives you a number of tasks and a script to follow to work out who the murder is. You are all sent out a personal invitation detailing your character and all their traits and you have to arrive dressed as that character and be that character for the whole evening. It is a very clever concept and I wish I had thought about it again sooner as I would love to have done this again this year. Maybe something I will look into for my birthday next year!

2. Ball gown evening in a hotel – Always a good idea on New Year. I haven’t been to one personally but I would really love too. One evening where you get to dress up all glam in the most gorgeous dress sounds amazing to me!

3. A Mini Cruise – This is something I spotted earlier in the year and seems to be quite popular this year. There are some fantastic last minute deals out there too! An evening with a fine meal, entertainment and watching fireworks from the deck sounds so good. Another thing I wish I had planned, obviously you need to go with people that enjoy boats too.

4. A Games Night with Friends/Family – Something more relaxed for the people who prefer to not go out and get dressed up. Me and my family have done this so many times at New Year and they can really turn out to be the most fantastic nights. A lot more relaxed and comfortable in your own home and you don’t have to worry about a taxi home in the mad rush after 12!

5. Spa Break – Another fantastic relaxing choice which can start the year off amazingly. Having a few treatments and then relaxing in the sauna, steam room and pool would be a different way to spend the celebration. Something I need to look into this year I think!

I would love any of these options, I enjoy both dressing up and staying in and relaxing! What are your plans this year? Any last minute deals you can share with me?

9 days to go..

Emily Jane xo

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