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BLOGMAS #22: Favourite Christmas Memory.

I have so many amazing memories from Christmas growing up. I have always had fantastic Christmas days and have been spoilt by my family and friends but there is one key Christmas that stands out to me. I think it was when I was 12 years old and I spent my Christmas with most of my family at our family home. I was young but I remember loving everyone being together and spending such a special day so happy with everyone. It’s simple, but my favourite Christmas memory!

We played so many different games, a huge game of monopoly stands out to me. I remember it lasting most of the day and continued into Boxing Day. I remember my grandma and grandad getting over excited at an old game from their past being remade too. Not quite sure what it was called though. I loved every Christmas spent with my grandma and grandad, days that I really do cherish! And Max the dog too! But this particular Christmas stood out to me as being the happiest, most fun and BEST Christmas ever. It’s always nice when your family is together, we really do miss my grandad, even more at Christmas time.

I remember getting my first big bike this Christmas too, I was never really interested until this age. It was bright pink and seemed so massive. I can just picture it now hiding in our downstairs toilet, ha! My grandad took me out on it, in the garden, aw lovely memories! I received so many other presents too, from every single auntie, uncle and grandparent. Our house did look like a toy shop! I was an extremely lucky little girl.

Christmas when you are little is just fantastic. The magic of Christmas Eve and waiting for Santa was such a great feeling. I do miss that! I guess I will have to wait until I have my own children to bring all that back into my life. Christmas is still special now, spent with family but not as special as this particular Christmas when I was 12! I have some fantastic memories of Christmas Day that I will never forget and I hope for even more to come!!

What’s your fondest memory about Christmas? I’d love to know!

3 days to go.. 😁😁😁

Emily Jane xo

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