Self Love Comes First.

Hi everyone! How’s your weekend been? Are you all ready for the week ahead? I’ve had a lovely weekend and I’m feeling super positive for the week ahead! I’m also excited to share with you the first ‘Motivation Sunday’ post on my new blog!

I’ve spent a lot of January concentrating on me, and just me! One of my new year resolutions is to be happy and concentrate on self love so this weeks quote fits perfectly..

Self love comes first’

I’ve been doing a lot of research/reading into how important it is to love yourself and be happy in what your doing. I am really looking forward to putting what I have learnt into action and concentrating on me!

When I say ‘Self Love‘ I don’t mean literally loving yourself I mean: ‘A regard to ones own well-being and happiness’. So fully concentrating on what makes you happy which effectively enhances your well-being. Being happy and positive all the time seems pretty impossible, yet it is so important. Having a positive mindset and thinking positively about every given situation is key to being a happier person. I have tried this for the past few weeks and I can honestly hand on heart say I am feeling so much happier. I’ve realised that there’s no point dwelling on the negative as it doesn’t help anyone.

Working on Self Love is important in developing relationships too. If you don’t love and know yourself completely, how can anyone love you? That’s what they all say right?! Below are 4 tips I have come up with to summarise my research:

1.  Practice GOOD Self Care– take care of yourself. Get plenty of sleep, eat well, exercise and do what you love.

2. Have a PURPOSE – you tend to love yourself more if you know what you want from life and see yourself accomplishing goals.

3. Be MINDFUL – be clear on your opinions, what you think and what you feel. Don’t worry about what people want you to think.

4. Protect YOURSELF – Bring the right people into your life.

Lets all pledge to try and work on these few tips, I know I will be continuing to live by them. I understand just how important Self Love is! Do you have any other tips to add to the list? Let me know if you do..

Have a great week 😁

Emily Jane xo

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