My 23rd Birthday.

First off I want to apologize for my lack of posts over the past few weeks, I have been so busy with work and AGAIN let myself slip back into ‘just living for work’ – I am pretty annoyed with myself! Anyway.. last Sunday it was my 23rd Birthday and I thought what better way to start back to blogging than sharing with you what I got up to. I had a lovely relaxing weekend which was definitely needed after a 70 hour week at work!

I woke on the Saturday, the day before my birthday, to the lovely surprise off my mum that I was going to the theatre, to see Ghost the Musical. I had been trying to get tickets for months as it was coming to my hometown and it was one of the top musicals I hadn’t seen. And all along my mum had already got the tickets!! I was so excited, I love the theatre SO MUCH! It really was a fantastic show, I cried like a baby but thoroughly enjoyed it. (I will be reviewing it shortly..). I have vowed to attend more theatre performances this year as I realised once more just how much I enjoyed them. It really was a great start to my birthday weekend, we all have them now right?! 😉

I got up on my Birthday: 12th February, to so many beautiful gifts off my family and friends. My little sister had spoilt me and decorated our home with banners and so many balloons. It was so so lovely that she went to so much effect. She even bought me a cake too! You wouldn’t think I was turning 23 with all the ‘Birthday Princess’ balloons and banners but I did absolutely love them, my sister knows how much I love Disney! I’ll be posting a what I got for my birthday post ASAP, as I have read so many of them and they always seem to be a hit.

I rushed off to the Spa for the day, It was very early but totally worth it! I went to the St Paul’s, Mercure Hotel in Sheffield City Centre. It was truly amazing! I visited with my cousin and we had a full body massage and then full use of the facilities for the day. I had never felt so relaxed in all my life after the body massage, I will definitely be having more of them in the future! Every single muscle in my body felt fantastic and it was well overdue after the long week at work on my feet. Just sitting in the many relaxation rooms, such as the Sauna, Steam room, Aroma room and Igloo ice bath, was awesome. Sitting back, doing absolutely nothing with a clear head! We spent most of the day there and it was well worth the money.. I felt like a new person leaving!

In the evening we went to my favourite restaurant: Frankie & Bennies. I love everything about it, obviously the food, but also the French/Italian-like decor. It’s my ideal place to eat so what better way to end my birthday?! I went with my mum, dad and sister and it was just perfect. Gorgeous food, fantastic service and an overall great experience.
I really did have a fantastic day. I just wish it could have lasted a little longer. The spa left me feeling fantastic and in my eyes I had the perfect day, full of all the things I love. What do you like to do on your birthday? I’d love to know..

Taraaa for now, 
Emi Jane. xo

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