The importance of a good nights sleep.

It is so important to try and get a good nights sleep every night. Having the right amount of sleep each night is key to feeling well and happy throughout the day. But the most important part of sleep is making sure it is regular and that you incorporate a sleeping pattern suitable for you. You will feel better overall if your body gets into a routine and knows how much sleep it is getting every night. It’s just about finding out how much sleep you can function on and making that constant every night. Everyone is different, some need the standard 8 hours but others survive on less and some need more.

I work very long hours and I had been feeling super tired ALL the time. I did my research, and learnt about having the right amount of sleep and I decided to give it a go. I made sure I had the same amount of sleep every night by going to bed at the same time and I have felt so much better! And didn’t feel sleepy during the day either. I highly recommend trying it out if you are constantly tired.

As they say, we sleep for nearly half our lives, it is something we need to be able to function as a healthy human being. I have read so many different posts lately about how people struggle to get to sleep so I thought I would list a few things that help me wind down in an evening:

1. A LONG HOT BATH – A hot bubble bath helps to relax all your muscles and effectively starts to slow them down, ready for sleep. Take about 20/30 minutes out of your evening to just lay in the bath and let your body soak; 5 minutes isn’t long enough!

2. TURN OFF ALL ELECTRONICS – This includes all social media on phones, TV, game consoles etc. You mind races when you are on any of these gadgets, it needs time to wind down and relax.

3. READ – Reading a book relaxes your mind and makes you sleepy. Reading requires lots of eye movement and brain power, therefore making you ready to sleep as your eyes go into overload.

4. NO CAFFEINE – Everyone knows that caffeine is used to keep us awake so it’s not a good idea to have it when you are ready to go to sleep. Try to not have any within two hours are going to bed.

5. MAKE SURE YOU ARE WARM – As with a hot bath when you are nice and warm your body is relaxed making it easier to go off to sleep.

I know everyone says it but sleep is SO important. I have only just realised it myself, but with everything I have changed regarding my sleeping pattern has made me feel so much better and more awake throughout the day. I feel great on a regular basis!

I hope these tips are helpful! Let me know if you give any of them a go and if you have any I can try..
Take care, Emi Jane. xo

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