Booking my next trip.

I want to travel. I think everyone does really. I’m dying to hop on a plane and visit somewhere new. I do however don’t feel it is something I would be comfortable in doing on my own. You can’t enjoy a place too much on your own, you need to live it with someone else right?! But then you have the wait for someone that can go with you, it’s a tough decision.

I really want to go to Walt Disney World in Florida: I’ve wanted to for so long now! I’m forever looking into the trip and I will go sometime soon. But for the time being I wanted to share with the 10 city breaks I’ve been looking into lately. I hope to get one booked really soon!

1. Paris – I went to Paris in 2015 and I fell in love with the city. It is definitely somewhere I intend to visit again, I want to make new memories out there!

2. Budapest – This location always pops up on my city break research and it looks so pretty. It seems very affordable too which is always a bonus.

3. Prague – It’s seen as one of the most idyllic cities in Europe and it has so much to offer sightseeing wise so why wouldn’t you want to visit?

4. Bruges – This city looks super medieval, with so much on offer to explore. Known as one of the most romantic cities in Europe which is always a nice thing to hear.

5. Barcelona – This city seems to be the perfect place to combine sun, sea and sightseeing. It has its own beach but also has so much art and architecture on offer.

6. Amsterdam – It has so many bad connotations but it just looks beautiful in my eyes. Any place with a beautiful canal running through its town is worth visiting.

7. Geneva – Lake Geneva is described as nothing short than breathtaking with some of the best views in the world so I imagine I would be able to get the nicest pictures over there.

8. Sorrento – I did actually come across Sorrento on a few videos I watched on YouTube and it looks so pretty and peaceful. I have plans to travel aound Italy one day and this city would be on the top of my list.

9. New York – Everyone wants to visit New York in their life time and I am with everyone on that one. Being set free in such a busy place excites me so much. I’d like to visit when there is a big event on, such as New Year, just to make it that little bit extra special.

10. Copenhagen – Denmark is never a place I thought I would want to travel too but looking at pictures of Copenhagen has made me want to go and explore the many beautiful sites. It is known to be a city that has one of the best qualities of life so it is definitely somewhere I’d like to visit.

They are the top 10 places I want to try and visit over the next few years. I want to learn new things, experience things I have never experienced and travel around all the different cultures. Not necessary in that order but definitely all of them at some point. Which do you think I should try first?

I’m ready to book my next trip and I’m SO EXCITED! Do you have any trips booked for this year? I’d love to know where..

Emi Jane. xo 


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