The Perfect Birthday Gift.

I love birthdays, I really enjoy making and giving gifts. I love thinking of something new and different that is personal to the certain person I am buying for. However, recently I have come up with an idea that I have used a couple times now and I wanted to share it with you all because I love it! It’s a generic idea which can be adapted to make it unique for the person you are giving the gift too. 

It’s a ‘Pamper night in Gift Set’! Everyone needs some ‘me time’ so it’s the ideal way to make sure someone has some! You can make it for really cheap or you can pad it out and make it a more luxury hamper. It’s great for any budget! It so much fun deciding what you can add to it to make it personal. Making it absolutely perfect by buying some of their favourite things, or something that relates to what they are doing in their life at the moment, makes it even more special.
I’m going to use the Gift Set I put together for one of my friends recently, to show you what sort of things you can include: 


1. Main Treat – This is something they can do alongside pampering themselves. So something like a magazine, a DVD or a book. For mine I made it personal by buying a wedding magazine as my friend is getting married. If you can find something that suits the person perfectly, say a title of a book that matches their personality or a film they love, then that’s even better! 

2. Face Masks – The perfect addition for a pamper pack. Everyone loves a face mask and how your skin feels afterwards. 

3. Bubble Bath – Having a bath relaxes your muscles and leaves you feeling super refreshed, so make sure you include some sort of delicious smelling bath cream, bath bomb or bath gel.

4. Candles – Scented candles lit around your bath make it even better. You can simply include some tea lights or go even bigger and add a Yankee candle, all depending on your budget. 

5. Mosturiser – After your Bath you want something to refresh your skin. I went for soap and glory as I personally love it but any type would do.

6. Drink Option – This could be a little bottle of wine or maybe some hot chocolate sachets, again make it suitable for who you are buying for. 

7. Treats – Include some sort of chocolate or sweet treat. I wanted to be fancy and made a little marshmallow packet and everyone loves maltesers so I added them. Everyone loves chocolate so add as much as you can. 

I am loving this idea at the moment and I really hope it has given you some motivation for your next birthday gift. Let me know if you decide to try one out..

Emi Jane. xo

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