Spring has Sprung – Activities for Spring.

It’s finally SPRING, yay! I was getting so fed up with the cold weather, especially as I work outside a lot of the time, but it’s finally starting to warm up, woohoo! I think we are just over two weeks into Spring and it is already so much more sunnier and the days are starting to draw out, which I absolutely love! I feel that I have so much more time to do the things I love with the extended daylight. 
With Easter all over and done with, I thought I would start my spring posts, by posting my favourite activities, I love to do in Spring. Everyone is always happier in the Spring, it’s warmer, brighter and the days are longer, so why wouldn’t you be? 

Go Strawberry Picking.
I love visiting my local farms in May/June to pick strawberries, they always taste so much better when they have come straight from the field and you have picked them yourself. 

Visit a Farm and see the Animals

I adore visiting all the little new born lambs, piglets, calves and taking the most adorable photos! 

Decorating my room with Tulips, Daffodils & Sunflowers.

Flowers make a room look so much better and makes me all happy inside. Tulips are my favourite flower and they are only really around in spring so that’s a bonus!

Sitting Outside with a Good Book.

Being able to sit outside in the fresh air is amazing after a cold winter stuck inside. I love reading and when it’s warm enough, I always take the opportunity to sit out in the garden. 

Day Trips to New Places.

I love visiting new places and it is even better when it’s warm and sunny. It also makes my photos much more appealing too & I love my photos! Who doesn’t love a new place in the sunshine? 

Visit my Local Farmers Shop/Market 

Going round the farm shops in the Spring with all fresh fruit is one of my favourite things. It’s always much more satisfying to cook fresh food and it always tastes 100% better.

Spring Fashion 

I love everything about Spring fashion, from the pastel colours to the beautiful sandals. I always spend way too much when the Spring collections appear in the shops again, but it is my favourite clothing!

Eating Outside 

Coming home from work and being able to still enjoy the sunshine out in the garden is great. It makes you feel like you have so many more hours in the day to do the things you love too. It’s always nice and relaxing eating in the garden on a hot sunny day. 

What are your favourite things to do in Spring? It’s such a special season for me!

Emi Jane. xo

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